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Train Kit: Space

Build a rail network on an alien planet


Car Kit: Racing

Design a track and start the race!

Train Kit

"This simulation game is part Minecraft, part virtual reality, and all fun"

"Train Kit does a nice job of providing the fun of a traditional train set and adds the cool on-screen feature of being able to virtually ride the train, so for families without the space or funds for elaborate setups, this app has a lot to offer."


Car Kit

"My kids love it

So far my son has spent hours building all sorts of tracks with bridges and tunnels. He likes that you can pick a car and zoom in to drive around, often creating traffic jams. Definitely would recommend."


Monster Truck Kit

"Like all Funobi’s Kit games, another winner. Intelligent monster trucks crash round the arenas you build, with jumps, fires and other forms of mayhem. A great kids game"


Train Kit: Wild West

"Children lay out their track and scenery, then switch to a 3D view to ride around their creation."

Guardian - Safe gaming: family-friendly apps for children

Train Kit

Train Kit

The original train set game for kids.

Build your tracks, add trains then bring your world to life with bridges, tunnels and buildings.

Ride the train to explore the world you have created.


10000+ five star App Store ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Roller Coaster Kit

Build and ride thrilling coasters packed with lifts, high speed twists and lots of loops!


Monster Truck Kit

Our wildest, loudest app. Smash and crash your way over jumps and mud pits


"We foster children's creativity and imagination, empowering them to build fun-filled interactive worlds."

Steve Taylor - Founder and Designer


Car Kit

Create a bustling town with roads, bridges and buildings. Add cars, trucks, vans, cabs, limos, emergency vehicles


Train Kit: Wild West

Take your train building skills to the American Frontier

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