Privacy Policy

At FUNOBI we aim to make apps which you can feel comfortable about your children using. To us this means making apps which are fun, creative and safe. Here are the guidelines we use when designing and developing our apps.

- No In-App purchasing
All of our apps are either paid - with a single cost at the point of download - or entirely free.

- No third-party advertising
The only adverts you will see in our apps are for our other apps and for apps from our friends - whose apps adhere to same guidelines. Adverts for apps will have links to download them in the appstore. These links have a parental gate which is designed to ensure that younger children cannot be taken outside of the app.

- Links to external sites
Any links to external sites will protected by a parental gate as described above. External links will typically be to our website, Facebook page etc and are intended to make it easy for you to keep up to date with future apps and updates.

- Data Collection
Our apps do not collect or send any personal or device identity information.

- User creations
Our apps have a strong emphasis on children's creativity; the things they make with our apps are only ever saved locally on the device. We do encourage the user to share what they have created but this is only done by the user - for example sending a picture they have saved.
Where apps make use of the microphone or camera this data is only ever stored locally.

If you have any questions or would more information about our apps please contact us at

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